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  • 5 Star Reviews
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$80Starting Prices
  • 100% Real Accounts
  • 5 Star Reviews
  • Custom Comments
  • Not Removed

Google Map Reviews Benefits

Google Business Score Increases

With the 5-star reviews we send, your business score increases.

Your Ranking Rises

As your business score improves, your recognition increases.

Your Click Rate Increases

Your traffic to click on Google maps increases.

Your Phone Calls Increase

* Companies with good business scores receive 82% more phone calls.

Your Sales Rates Increase

Positive reviews increase the rate of purchasing 66% more products and services.

You Reach More Customers

Companies with good business scores reach 76% more customers.

What Are The Benefits of Buying Review Services?

Your Customers Increase

Thanks to the positive comments you receive from the applications, your customers’ trust in your business increases and thus your number of customers increases.

Your Business Visits Increase

Thanks to the comments suggesting your business, the number of customers coming to your store increases.

Your Ranking Rises

If you get high scores on apps, you will become a popular and recommended business.

Advantages of Getting Review on Zomato

Your Ranking Rises

Thanks to the comments and stars you have purchased, your score increases with your ranking in the application.

Your Customers Increase

With the positive comments made, your number of customers coming to your Restaurant / Cafe increases.

Your earnings increase

If you become a known business, you can reach more customers and increase your earnings.

What did the comment package buyers say?

We manufacture and sell machinery. Competitors were constantly throwing negative comments on our Google map. We also received Google comment service. We raised our business points again. I wanted to thank them for their support.

The restaurant that I was operating started getting bad reviews on Google. I guess rival restaurants were making these negative comments. I bought a map review package. Thanks to their service, my business score has improved and our customers have increased. Thank you.

They have been very helpful in promoting the consultancy services I have provided. I have not previously received comments and points on Google maps. I purchased a Google comment service. I started to appear on maps and I am receiving consultancy requests. It was a great work, congratulations.


Can I print the comment I want?

Yes, you forward the comments to be written and we write the comments you want for your business.

How many days are comments posted?

Submission times vary depending on the size of the comment package purchased. If you wish, comments can be entered by spreading within hours or days.

How can I buy a comment pack?

To purchase review packages, you can come to the relevant package and click the buy button below, and you can purchase your package by following the necessary instructions.

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